Meat Week

One vegetarian's quest to eat animals in Chicago.

Schedule of Meat

Here it is folks.  The complete schedule of meat.  My mouth waters just looking at it.  Coming soon - what my doctor had to say about this event and the official Meat Week theme song!
Everyone is welcome to join me for meaty goodness!  There are a few surprises I’ve left off the schedule, so stay tuned during Meat Week!  See you there!
Saturday 8/23
2:00pm - Sheffield’s, 3258 N Sheffield Ave
Sunday 8/24
7:30pm - Crisp, 2940 N Broadway St
Monday 8/25
9:00am - Bakin And Eggs, 3120 N Lincoln Ave
12:00pm - MYSTERY MEAL!
7:00pm - Kuma’s Too, 666 W Diversey Pkwy
Tuesday 8/26
12:00pm - Franks N Dawgs, 1863 N Clybourn Ave
5:00pm - Au Cheval, 800 W Randolph St
10:00pm - Trader Todd’s, 3216 N Sheffield Ave
Wednesday 8/27
11:00am - Longman & Eagle, 2657 N Kedzie Ave
8:00pm - Cafe Orchid, 1746 W Addison St
Thursday 8/28
11:00am - Jim’s Original, 1250 S Union Ave
11:30am - Al’s Beef, 1079 W Taylor St
7:00pm - Honey Butter Fried Chicken, 3361 N Elston Ave
Friday 8/29
12:00pm - Fogo De Chao, 661 N LaSalle St
5:00pm - Harold’s Chicken Shack, 804 W Washington
Saturday 8/30
11:00am - Hot Doug’s, 3324 N California Ave
5:00pm - Rub’s Backcountry Smokehouse, 6954 N. Western Ave
Sunday 8/31
12:00pm - Home Cooked Meal
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